Monika Berghammer
Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

die Planstelle GmbH



Apr 1978 Born in Kelheim, Germany


1997 - 2002 Student at Rosenheim Polytechnic department of



Mar 2002 Diploma thesis project “Maternity Building Freudenhaus" (Winner of the BDIA "Innovation in Health Care" Award)


Nov 200 Diploma thesis project “Maternity Building Freudenhaus” published in AIT Magazine


2001 - 2002 Student studio-assistant to Professor Schmidhuber at International Architects, Interior Architects and Event Architects „Schmidhuber & Partner“ Munich


2002 - Jul 2002 Full time Interior Architect at „Schmidhuber & Partner” Munich


Aug 2002 - Jun 2005 Full time Interior Architect at „team4“ Architects Munich


Since Jul 2005 Founding Partner and Managing director with the

“Die Planstelle GmbH”


2013 Awarded special award of the “AIT


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