Human Connection, beyond Smart!   

Human Connection, beyond Smart!  

Based on its long history and culture, Korea has wisdom gained from experience on preserving, succession and study about tangible and intangible cultural asset like idea, creativity and technic. As Korean handcraft system was managed based on thorough independent and collaborated works of experts by field. In other word, traditional manufacturing system was managed in cyclical system where data of massive knowledge and experience, chain of learning and feedback, cooperation and connectivity were learnt and retrained between people as major concept (Human connection). Through this system, knowhow and results are shared and accumulated. Even though the system was faded during the Japanese colonial rule, the Korean war and political, social, economic turbulence after war, Korea achieved political, social and economic development for last 60 years and it became a leader in IT today (Smart).

The scenery of Korean craft design reflects diversified Korean society as it is. The Dongdaemun Design Plaza designed by Zaha Hadid has been emerged as a platform in design field. Variety events of design like craft, design, fashion, architecture are holding in here. And Paju Typography Institute(PaTI) became an issue in design field. This institute makes innovative design educational environment. Founded by Korean typographer, Sang-soo Ahn, PaTI emphasizes experimental character and creativity based on concern about Korean culture and identity. Meanwhile, LG signature series resolutely removed its logo and Samsung’s Serif TV show ITterior, existing in between of furniture and home appliance. In each field of education, healthcare, game, broadcast and architect, IoT and augmented, virtual world design have caught attention. And with the spread of Korean wave, Entertainment design related with cultural tradition like Korean character, food, hanok, -Hanbok also gain popularity. Especially, after 2013, craft design, fashion and graphic are shown in Triennale di Milano, Musée des Arts Décoratifs, London-Paris design week and through these, the understanding about Korean culture has been deepened.

As MCBW 2017’s partner country, under the theme ‘beyond smart, Human connection’, Korea composes program with ‘collective wisdom’ and ‘collective dialogue’, exhibition, conference, workshop and event will be managed in this frame. The main exhibition ‘Handshake’ will introduce examples of collabono-mics of Korean craft design and graphic. Under the keywords: Sharing, Collaboration, Coexistence and Open, Idea, -creativity and technology of various experts like craftsman, designer, maestro and intangible cultural heritage meet and compose new design scenery. In conference, keynote speeches and roundtable are managed about education, heritage and craft industry 3.0. Moreover, During the MCBW 2017, various opportunities like workshops and events where one can meet Korean food, movie and music are scheduled as much as exhibitions and lectures.

More information about the partnership you get here: mcbw2017korea.com

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