Miesbach district –

creativity and innovation right outside Munich

Where do we turn for inspiration for our creativity? We need an environment that allows ideas to be transformed into perfect design – lush greens, deep blues, the aroma of grass wet from the rain, the sun glistening through dark pines. In Miesbach district, innovation and creativity fall on fertile soil.
Miesbach is located south of Munich at the Austrian border, nestled in the Alpine foothills. The region prospers thanks to its proximity to the state capital. The ongoing exchange between city and rural living makes Miesbach district especially attractive to creative people. The picturesque landscape around the Tegernsee and Schliersee lakes is the icing on the cake.
Urban and rural, old and new, traditional and modern – these opposites nurture the inspiring environment of Miesbach, making it a unique place for designers. Fascinating creations originating in the district bear witness to this ideal fusion. The carpenters at Eham, for example, have set a benchmark in interior design using scrap wood; Trachten Greif has transformed traditional garments into a fashion statement; LTN’s innovative components for wind-power plants have set new standards in the generation of energy from natural resources; and many old farms have been turned into light-flooded ateliers. 
Come to MCBW, enjoy the events in and around Miesbach, and see for yourself!
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