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Schmiede Klein, Unterbrunn
lumbono GmbH

Start-up: lumbono GmbH


Reusing instead of throwing away.

We started a new and successful company, upcycling unique textiles.

In 2014 there was an idea, lots of courage and a sense of adventure that marked the start of a new journey with lumbono GmbH. Sails that no longer flutter on the sea - discarded, worn-out bags once used for coffee beans - are turned into beautiful timeless lamp designs here at the lumbono office. Individually designed, convertible and sustainable products that are produced along with ecological responsibility and in cooperation with social projects.

The designer-lamps have a simple base, the shades can be switched in one simple step.

Each textile that we use has its own story, which we pass on with our lamps. Stockdorf – Machtlfing – Detmold. Our whole production takes place in Germany.


Project: Leuchtenserie upcycling


Wall-, ceiling- and floor lamp shades are made out of reused textiles, for example sails, post- and coffeebags.

The textiles travel a long way around the world until they finally arrive here – whether by the sea- or land.

All lampshades can be easily replaced and ordered individually. This way they will fit your needs for a much longer period of time.

You could even have a lampshade made from old keepsakes, using fabrics close to your heart.

This might be a worn-out shirt from your favourite sports team,

or a colourful vintage fabric you used to wear a long time ago – almost every textile is suitable to be used in one of our light shades.

Giving used textiles a completely new purpose and giving them a second life, needs a lot of rethinking.

Our lights hopefully don’t just enlighten rooms,


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